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Welcome to Realistic Market Value, LLC.

What is your dealership really worth?

Realistic Market Value, LLC. (RMV), a wholly owned subsidiary of National Business Brokers, Inc. has introduced a new definition for dealership valuations, which they call Realistic Market Value™

Every dealership is unique and therefore no two dealerships are alike. The Realistic Market Value™ may vary by more than 100% for two automobile dealerships of the same brand, same sales and same profit.

What is the current value of your dealership? More specifically, what is the value of the intangible portion of your dealership, commonly referred to as blue sky?

Every dealer has an idea of what his/her dealership is worth, but that number may be off by as much as 50% or even more! RMV's data has shown that owners/founders tend to underestimate the value of their dealerships and second generation owners tend to overestimate the value.

You may want to know the Realistic Market Value™ of your dealership:
  • When planning to sell your dealership
  • When dissolving a partnership
  • For settlement purposes including divorce
  • When buying a dealership
  • To establish a new basis for estate planning
  • To form a new partnership
  • If you are planning tax free giving
  • As added information in the midst of negotiations
  • When buying key man insurance, etc.

Failure to know what your dealership is worth can be very costly.
Don’t guess what the value is, especially when the stakes are so high.

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